Importance of Men's Mental Health?

Importance of Men's Mental Health?

Why is it so important to talk about and support men's mental health? Men's mental health is a topic that has been gaining more and more attention. Men are not as likely to talk about their feelings and often do not seek help for mental health problems. However as we know, this can lead to many issues later down the line.

Men's mental health is an important topic to discuss, especially when it comes to depression and suicide rates. The suicide rate for men in Canada is much higher than the female suicide rate. In Canada 3 out of every 4 suicides are by men. About 8 men take their life everyday, accounting to 3,000 deaths per year. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for men under the age of 50 in Canada. 

Men are much less likely to seek help for their mental health. According to a survey in 2005 stated that 132,221 Canadian men were found to be 2.7 times less likely to utilize mental heath services than Canadian women. That being said, in 2019 1,666,200 Canadian men over the age of 15 stated that they have seriously contemplated suicide in their lifetime. 

- Source: Heads Up Guys

Mental health affects everyone differently, however there are some common signs that may indicate a serious problem:

  • Depression or mood swings
  • Isolation from friends & family
  • Loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed

If you notice a loved one is acting differently or a drastic change in their mood, check up on them and ask if everything is okay. A simple question could save their life. Stay strong bros, you are not alone!

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